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This Advent we are launching


It is Christmas, every time you let God Love others through you.

Yes, it is Christmas, every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand."  -St. Teresa of Calcutta


At St Mary of the Visitation Parish we have two special projects: 

Red Stocking Campaign and our Kindness Counts Project

December 1-16, 2018

What is it? :

Our parish is once again taking on a special outreach project called the Red Stocking Campaign - we invite everyone to be a part of it!  Since 2006, we have invited you to fill Red Stockings with pencils, crayons, bookmarks, candy, educational toys, puzzles, and art supplies to help students in needy African Schools. This will be done in cooperation with Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) which will distribute them to needy children and families.

How did we DO Last YEar?

In 2017, St Mary of the Visitation Parish was able to send over 701 Red Stockings (a new record), and several additional shipping boxes. In 2015, members of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the religious order we partner with in this work, came from Kenya to personally visit us on a Lordís Day Weekend to offer thanks and report on our efforts and work in Kenya. Since 2006 we have collected well over 4000 Red Stockings!

 How does it help?

Catholic schools in Kenya Africa are operated by the religious communities of priests, brothers and sisters. They receive very limited funding from the government. Our school supplies provide every student in the school with the supplies they need to aid in their education. This permits the limited funding they have to go toward other needs such as school uniforms for the children, which in many cases would be their own ďformalĒ clothing, and toward food for their daily lunch program, which often is the only meal that a child receives during the day.

 How are we getting it there?

Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) is taking care of the shipping of it. CFFC assists Catholic missionaries by collecting the goods they need to do their work in the world. Since its inception, CFFC has, almost daily, shipped containers full of supplies to over 20 countries worldwide which face drought, disease and disaster.

Are Our Parish Schools Helping?

Yes! All of the classes at our three parish elementary schools will be participating. In addition, our Kids Klub will also be undertaking this project. Students at St. Benedict Secondary School will be made aware of the project with many home rooms participating.

How can you help?

Please consider taking a Red Stocking yourself and filling it with Pencils, crayons, book marks, candy, educational toys, puzzles, art supplies, Christmas trinkets, Small Books, Small stuffed animals. Please do not include any food items or anything that could break, leak, melt, or scare and harm a child and return it to the back of the Church before December 17, 2017. All items collected will then be shipped by Canadian Food for Children during that week for Christmas distribution.


Since 2013, during Advent, we launch "Kindness Counts" - a season to make a difference in a new way - consider one of these three options:

Kindness Counts Cards

Donít we all know someone close to home who could use some extra support, some extra love this time of year too? There are people in our lives (coworkers, neighbors, extended family) who are tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, and lonely. How many lives could we touch this Advent? This Advent, letís give the "gifts of service" to people in our local community. 

  • If you know someone who is lonely, take him out for coffee. 

  • If you know someone who is stressed out, help them with a project or watch the kids for a few hours. 

  • If you know someone who is down, bake him some cookies, send her a note, or invite him to church with you!

As you do; fill in your act of kindness on the Kindness Counts Card - and hang it on our tree in the Parish Centre Narthex.  


Kindness Counts Kits

Our Neighbourhood Ministry is seeking to continue to impact 160 children in our Parish Schools and in co-operation with Family and Children Services

We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys, and we will assemble such into a kit made up of small trinkets which will be distributed to some of the students and families which we have partnered with this school year to aide {we began with our Ready Day One Back to School Appeal}.  Consider purchasing one additional toy:

As you do; please bring and place in the "Large Gift Box" in the Parish Centre Narthex. These will be assembled and distributed by volunteers from our Neighbourhood Ministry and then made available to those in need

This was because of you!