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St. Mary of the Visitation Parish

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We are connected to our past, committed to our future, and compassionately focused on being a Family of Faith with something for everyone.


We are committed to such projects as our Back Pack Appeal, Kindness Counts Toy Drive, Share a Meal, Fall Blanket Brigade and Service Saturday.

Our Next Outreach Events:

Provide A Meal Program

  Service Saturday


May 26, 2018

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Care    Share   Dare 

"It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."   Mother Teresa

Galatians 6:2 tells us to “bear one another’s burdens. When Sadness Strikes or a new member arrives- a family is there - and that is the goal of the Neighbourhood Ministry. We seek to be a network of names of parishioners that would be willing to provide a kind card, a warm dish, a helping handy hand, a friendly voice, a compassionate ear to welcome (or comfort) a fellow member of our Family of Faith.  Sign up

Thank you to all who have signed up - a total of 82 people. Our Neighbourhood Ministry has been called into action many times since its founding in the Fall 2011. It has responded  to families who had sudden tragic losses. We have helped a number of seniors who just needed a little time or a ride, and are currently putting together a list of individuals who can lend a hand with a special "clean-up project" in the community. Keep ready - your turn is coming soon!

Care    Share   Dare 

What have we done recently?

  • In 2016 we collected 685 Red Stockings, 190 toys as part of Kindness Counts, 140 back packs for Ready Day One, 127 blankets as part of Blanket Brigade and our Provide a Meal Campaign has resulted in 63 families receiving aide.

Since our inception we have.......

  •  Helped Elderly parishioner  to Mass for a couple weeks.

  •  Helped drive Elderly parishioner  to visit husband in hospital.

  • Helped Parishioner get rides to Physiotherapy after surgery.

  • Visited Elderly shut in's wife twice a month for him to have night away.

  • Provided home made food to numerous families after the death of a loved one.

  • Delivered cases of water to individual elderly from our community.

  • Installed four window air conditioning units in shuts in apartments/homes who were in need.

  • Organized our Fall "Ready Day One." Back to School Campaign collecting back packs of school supplies to give to needy children who attend our parish schools.

  • Provided home made meals for a mom following the birth of twins.

  • Provided home made meals for two moms who was put on bed rest giving,  a fresh meal each night to her two other children and family.

  • Provided transportation of a hospital bed to an elderly parishioner recovery following a serious Fall.

  • Partnered with Family and Children Services and our three parish schools and collected toys for distribution at Christmas.

  •  Partnered with local distribution company to provide over 11000 mitts and several 1000 hats to Out of the Cold Program, Cambridge, Brothers of the Good Shepherd, Hamilton and our own Neighbourhood Ministry use for local families in need. 

Thank you to so many who have helped!


Our Neighbourhood Ministry sponsors three outreach activities each year :

Kindness Counts - Toy Drive

St Mary of the Visitation Parish partners with our parish schools and Family and Children Services to reach over 160 students in Hespeler to ensure they have something "under the tree" at Christmas. 

Generous donation of toys, games, puzzles and children items, in addition to several donations made by several corporate donors  who have given clothing, items for teens, sporting equipment provide an emotionally impacting realization that they are loved and have not been forgotten. 


St Mary of the Visitation Parish partners with our parish schools and Family and Children Services to reach over 100 students in Hespeler so they will be Ready Day One. We collect "Back Packs" and fill them with school supplies to ensure a fresh and fair start for all.



Each October our parish lends a hand by hosting our annual Blanket Brigade where we collected new, or gently used Blankets which are then donated to the Out of the Cold "Bridges Shelter", Cambridge which aids the homeless in our area. Since its inception in 2007, we have collected well over 1000 blankets. 

We also partnered with a local distribution company to provide over 11,000 mitts and over 3000 toques to Out of the Cold "Bridges Shelter", Cambridge Good Shepherd Centres, Hamilton and our own Neighbourhood Ministry use for local families in need.