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Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday 8:00am, 9:30am & 11:30am
Weekday Mass Schedule: Please consult Bulletin.
Children's Ministry: at 9:30 & 11:30a.m. Mass.
Reconciliation: Tues. 6:30-7:00pm, Sat. 4:00-4:30pm

July 14 & 15, 2018  Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Welcome Home to St Mary's Parish ...

We extend a warm welcome to St. Mary of the Visitation Parish and pray that you feel at home. Please introduce yourself and consider becoming a member of our Family of Faith. Parish Registration Form may be found on the table at the main entrance of the Church or see anyone at our Welcome Desk in the Parish Centre.


To request a Mass for a future date please contact our Parish Office .

Saturday, July 21, 2018

5:00pm - Marie Chandler - req. Parish Friends

Sunday, July 22, 2018

8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m**, 11:30 a.m.** 

** Children’s Ministry for those Age 2 - Age 9.

Liturgical Ministries for Next Weekend:

July 21 & 22, 2018 - Special Schedule

 See Full Liturgical Schedule for a telephone contact list - please call the Parish Office

Sunday Offerings

Those not currently using envelopes but who are interested in obtaining Sunday Offering Envelopes, are asked to use the sign-up sheet at our Welcome Desk. Our parish also offers Pre Authorized Debit for your Lord’s Day Offerings. If you are interested, sign up forms are available at the Welcome Desk in the Parish Centre Narthex. We also offer an On Line Giving Option and Debit machines are available at both our Welcome Desk and our Parish Office.  Check out our recent Stewardship Message

What’s New ?........What’s Next ?

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Share your Prayer Needs - these will be privately remembered by Father at daily Mass

Please notify the Parish Office of any address changes. If you are moving, please let us know so we can keep in touch.

Adoration Chapel

Our Parish Book of Prayer is located in our Adoration Chapel in the lower level of the Church, you are welcome to write your intentions on its pages. These intentions are remembered at the parish Masses and by those who visit our Chapel. Share your Prayer Needs - these will be privately remembered by Father at daily Mass. To find out more about Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration - check out a video on our parish website featuring some parishioners and their witness to the power of prayer. Votive candles are also available for your needs. It truly is a place of prayer always open for you! Drop in for a visit. For details on our Chapel, contact the Parish Office- 519 658 4443.

Message from the Pastor

  "Are We There Yet?"         “More Than Survive” .

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Current Message Series

We continue our Summer Message Series - "Survival Guide: Essentials to Surviving the Spiritual Life this Summer". I look forward to this series which lead us through the months of Summer.

What energy! What excitement! What fun! What great moments to share faith! That was the sense during this past week’s VBS! Thank you to all who were a part of the daily activities - truly inspiring to see 45 children each day coming, along with 15 teens and 5 adults present leading them to be "Heros" in faith. A special word of thanks to Sister Elizabeth Marie (and her team) for their creative efforts and ardent service during VBS. Check out our Facebook Page for some great pictures from each day. I am especially grateful to a great group of teen leaders who were wonderful models and mentors. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of those in our VBS, and to all who have worked so diligently to make it an outstanding experience for all involved.

Thank you to parishioners who returned electronic survey’s which were sent concerning various aspects of Parish Life. These survey’s are important instruments of feedback and Lay Leadership - they are elements of our Generations initiative. Please check your "in boxes" for these and return them as soon as possible - your input is important in our Pastoral Planning.

In the Fall, we will also be using our screens to host the prayers and parts of the Mass during our celebration of the Eucharist and also hymns titles and words occasionally. Currently we do not have a screen near the front of the church, but we are considering such given the expanded use of our screens, so we would appreciate your input on this possibility.

As you know, this weekend is the Steubenville Conference in Toronto. I believe God has assembled our special group of 25 teens and adults with something unique He wishes to do in their lives. I ask you this weekend to pray for our teens - may God do His will in their lives, allow His dream to be seen. May the many Blessings from our presence at the Steubenville Conference, reach the heart of all the families in our parish.

During the summer months things at St Mary of the Visitation Parish do not slow down - in fact they ramp up - with VBS, Camps, devotions, community outreach projects and also behind the scenes projects to get ready for the Fall. Thank you for your financial faithfulness in " making up your offering" if you are away during the summer. This helps keep us on track as we move forward. You may wish to consider Pre Authorized Debit for your Lord’s Day Offerings. If you are interested, sign up forms are available at the Welcome Desk in the Parish Centre Narthex. We also offer an On Line Giving Option and Debit machines are available at both our Welcome Desk and our Parish Office.  Check out our recent Stewardship Message

We depend a great deal on volunteers to assist in providing ministry to people within our parish and community. Ministry comes from our baptism, through which we are called to share Christ with one another. One of the signs of a vibrant, Christ-centred parish is the level of service provided by the members of that parish to one another. It is important that, if at all possible, we pitch in to make some form of ministry a part of our life choice. Check out some opportunities 

See details on our Kids Klub Summer! Make sure to register early - spots fill quickly! Check out our Day Camps in August too!


Sundae Sunday

July 28/29 and August 25/26

- After All Masses

Join us after Mass for a cool treat in the Parish Centre. It is a time of fellowship, but also a time to enjoy a good olde- fashioned ice cream treat - A Sundae on a Sunday. Make sure to set some time aside and join us!


Join us after Mass for our Catholic Café located in our Parish Centre. 

Warm and Cold Drinks, a Fresh Bite with all proceeds going to our Mission/Outreach efforts.

We also serve Pizza following our 5:00pm Mass on Saturday and 11:30am Mass on Sunday - stay with the whole family.


Devotions to St Anne

- Blessing with the Relic of St Anne

- All Masses the Weekend of July 28 & 29, 2018

Saint Anne is the holy mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Devotion to St. Anne began early in the history of the Catholic Church. As she was favoured by God to become the mother of the holy Virgin Mary, she is often invoked as the Patron of mothers.

On the weekend of July 28 & 29, 2018 a relic of St Anne will be present at all Masses and at the conclusion of each Mass there will be the individual blessings with the relic for all who seek such. Special prayers and homily will be offered and the opportunity to place intentions for a special Novena Mass with Anointing of the Sick will also take place on July 28th at 5:00pm. Please watch for details on how to ensure your novena prayers are included in the special Mass.

Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

Saturday, July 28, 2018 - 5:00pm Mass

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is understood as one of the healing sacraments of the Church. It is Christ himself who touches those who are ill and offers them comfort and healing. The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is given to those who are seriously ill by anointing them on the forehead and hands with duly blessed oil - pressed from olives or from other plants - saying, only once, "Through this holy anointing may the Lord in His love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up." (CCC 1513)

Once referred to as The Last Rites, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick was previously most commonly administered to the dying, for the remission of sins and the provision of spiritual strength and health. Now, its use is for all who are gravely ill, those about to undergo a serious operation, anyone who feels a need for healing physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically - illness of any sort - and the Church stresses a secondary effect of the sacrament: to help a person recover his health. Like Confession and Holy Communion, to which it is closely linked, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick can be repeated as often as is necessary


Children’s Ministry 

All Summer Long!

We are truly blessed in our parish with an excellent Children’s Ministry at our Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30am Mass. It includes our Kids Zone (Ages 2 & 3), and our Children’s Liturgy (JK - Grade 1). Visitation Kids (for Grade 2), our IWANNAGO Program (for Grades 3 & 4)

Please use the registration forms here on line or pick one up at the doors of the Church, to sign up your child. 

The goal of our Children’s Ministry is simple: To make it the best hour of your child’s week.   


Saturday, August 18, 2018

  Come lend a hand as we make our way into our community.... Everyone can make a difference

  • Help Make Meals for Delivery to Shut ins

  • Help Prepare and Serve Lunch at our Mission Partner in Inner City Hamilton - "DE MAZENOD DOOR"

  • Help Collect items for our Local Mission Partners

Lets be part of helping those who are walking challenging roads in life.

Sign up here 


Special Friends Ministry

Special Friends exists to help children and teens with special needs access our programs and ministries. The spirit of Special Friends is one of inclusion; we match children and teens, who have special needs with an adult or teenage buddy to help integrate the child/teen into current programs. Parents/Guardians are asked to enroll your child in Special Friends by visiting our on website.     

Special Friends Calming Kits

For children and teens with autism, developmental delays, sensory challenges, or other special needs, the crowds, sounds, smells, and lights of Mass can at times be overwhelming and result in anxiety and upset. Five “Calming Kits” are now available in our Vestry to be used during Masses by our Special Friends who experience distress due to sensory overload. See one of our Hospitality Ministers.

Atrium of the Visitation

A unique opportunity for young children at our Parish to grow in their life of faith! The Atrium of the Visitation is a program for children 3-6 years old inspired by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd which is rooted in the educational principles of Maria Montessori. To find out more drop into the Atrium on Wednesdays from 6:15pm - 7:15pm (use Chapel Entrance). If you have questions or would like more details, contact the Parish Office.  Our program will resume in the Fall - watch for details.

Is for children/youth from Grades 2-8 seeking the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion or Confirmation who fall under one or more of these circumstances: Attending public school, private school, or home schooled OR Not receiving/received religious education OR Are past the usual age to receive a given Sacrament OR Have never been baptized OR Are not Catholic but would like to become Catholic. It is offered on Sundays in between our 9:30am and 11:30am Mass (on a scheduled basis). Come join us - there is room for you. If you have questions or would like more details, contact the Parish Office.     Our program will resume in the Fall - watch for details.

Neighbourhood Ministry  

When Sadness Strikes or a new member arrives- a family is there - and that is the goal of the Neighbourhood Ministry. 

Contact the Parish Office to volunteer or if you are in need of assistance from our Neighbourhood Ministry.

Interested in Becoming Catholic?

Any adults who have not been baptized and are considering becoming Catholic, or any adults who have already been baptized in other Christian churches and wish to become full members of the Catholic Church, please speak to Father Freitas and arrangements will be made to complete your initiation into the Catholic Church. There is a place for you - welcome! 

Current Message Series

Don’t forget as you travel that our weekly homilies are posted on our website in our ever expanding "Media Section" . 

You can listen or even download them for later listening or sharing. Check it out today.

Check out Editions of Heart to Home 

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Our parish E Newsletter - "Sursum Corda"  reaches over 600 subscribers. If you did not receive your copy this past Friday, or wish to subscribe, sign up via our website.



There is More to Our Story

"Starting Point": an experience to explore faith in a conversational setting with others.

    This is for you if you are over eighteen years of age and just have questions. 

Sign up today  -  new series beginning soon  -its never too late to join us 

This excellent video series will, in a fun loving way, help you answer questions and discover the blessing of our faith and Church

  • The Unconditional Love of God                          Sin, Guilt. Forgiveness

  • The Problem of Suffering                        Mortality, Grief and Eternal Life

Week 1 - Why God?

Week 2 - Why Christ?

Week 3 - Why the Church?

Week 4 - Q & A with our Parish Team

  Are you longing for something new?

Sign up today  

Our new Kiosks are a great way to connect to our parish life. 

You can sign up for events, enroll for our e newsletter, donate to the parish and even register in the parish or set up a time to meet about a Sacrament. 

Check them out next to our Welcome Desk in our Parish Centre



 Our Iron Men Group is about Catholic men inviting men to a comfortable environment where we grow in learning, living, strengthening and sharing our faith. This will in turn make us better men, leaders, husbands, fathers and followers of Jesus Christ. 

Our time includes breakfast, which leads us to watch a video series, share faith and spend time with the guys. 

Join us on Saturdays beginning at 7:00a.m. until 8:30a.m.

(Resumes in the September)

Set aside $5.00 and join us.

Just Drop in - you are welcome!


Embracing Motherhood

Take some much needed time for yourself and enjoy an evening spent with other moms of our parish as we learn, pray, share, and laugh together. Join us as we gather on Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9:00pm in St Mary's Parish Centre. All moms of any age are welcome! There is a place for you!


Adult Sports

Volleyball. - Ready to set, volley and spike? Well join us on Fridays -7:00pm at St Elizabeth School Gym -drop in!! Our season will resume in the Fall - watch for details.

Bowling - The Strike Squad is underway but there is room to join on Monday night -never too late to join - call Parish office to sign up.   Our season will resume in the Fall - watch for details.


The Welcome Desk....Needs You!

Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where

everyone is welcomed, loved, and forgiven." ~ Pope Francis

We desire to be an intentionally welcoming church… and we are in need of a few new people to be part of our Welcome Desk. This ministry is a "welcome" service to all our members and guests coming to Mass on the Lord’s Day. If you enjoy people and love to make people feel welcome, please consider this ministry. If you are interested, stop by the Welcome Desk or contact the Parish Office. Join our team!

Our Weekly E Newsletter for Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Summer Day Camp

Our parish has been blessed with many young people experiencing Camp Brebeuf as a summer place of fun and faith with special "St Mary’s Day Camp Weeks" which include bus transportation for our parishioners. Special registration forms and brochures are available at the Camp Brebeuf display in our Parish Centre and via our website. Spots are filling up - saves yours today.

Join us: Download Kids Klub Registration Form

Check out SUMMER 2018                  Summer 2018 Registration Form

Chicopee Tube Park

Friday, July 20, 2018 (1-5 p.m.)

Bus departs from Parish. Includes 2 Zip line rides and unlimited park access (Eurobungy, spiderweb, ropes & tubing) Cost: $25.00* Registration forms now available at the Youth Ministry Table and at the Parish Office or see our website.

Hey High Schoolers...Da Crew

Steubenville 2.0

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 7:00pm - Parish Centre

Hey Da Crew, it’s time to relive our Steubenville experience and plan for our great follow up activities. Make sure to join us.

Come Be A Part of Da Crew!


Our Youth Choir, Day One,  is made up of high schoolers and Young Adults who would love to have you join them. 

Bring your voice, an instrument if you have one, and a friend and come join us! For further details, Contact the parish office (519 658 4443).

Are you 18 - 29 Years of Age? - Join Crossroads!


Lunch and Learn

Sunday, July 22, 2018- After the 11:30am Mass

We head out for lunch and explore some concepts of our faith, have Q & A and of course eat too. New members welcome

Check out the Young Adults Facebook Page


Visit our Youth & Young Adult Ministry Instagram


What are you looking for ...

Friendship? Growth? Encouragement? Connection?

You'll find all of these in a Small Group, and we have new groups starting soon.

Save A Seat in one of the groups from below, or use click the link to find a group that fits you best.


Heart to Home 

Our Heart to Home Small groups are now in full swing and welcome new members. Heart to Home is a unique reflection series written by Father Freitas as a continuation of weekly homilies. Each weekly guide is accompanied by the audio Podcast of the Sunday Message, and also a video small group podcast.

Come connect with other parishioners in an informal setting to share and grow in God’s Word. We have active groups that meet in the Parish Centre, contact the parish office . for details and come, be part of Heart to Home and continue to make Sunday Matter!


Dinner for 8


  • Is a gathering of couples....doesn't matter your age or how long you've been married  

  • Is an exciting way to meet other couples...

  • Is potluck..... (so that always means good food)

  • Is fun and at someone else's house (so no dishes for you)

Our Couples Ministry is made up of small groups of four couples each who come together to share faith, food and lots of laughs. Each group is formed according to members stage of life and gathers in each others homes. New groups are being formed, and current groups are looking for members. For more information, SIGN UP

Grief Relief 

This small group format is a compassionate, caring environment dedicated to help you thru the process of loss, grief and emptiness. To register please contact the parish office. Registration will be limited to ensure everyone receives the care they need. Join us today - we have a spot waiting for you.

Contact the parish office  for meeting times.


Act 2 - Group for Separated and Divorced

Life change is never easy, but after a separation or divorce it’s particularly isolating. Come together with others to realize there is a “second act” and you are not alone. Join us for our small group gathering  – you belong!


  - Sign up today !


Our Next Service Saturday

will be October 27, 2018

Sign up Here to help with Service Saturday.