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Getting to church on Christmas Eve just got easier

Getting to church on Christmas Eve just got easier!

We now have a shuttle service that will drive you to and from any of our parking lots to the front doors of our church.

 Christmas Eve Shuttle

shuttle Off Site Parking at St Gabriel School Parking Lot 

(Baldwin Drive & Guelph Avenue) 

It runs from 3:30pm - 8:30 p.m., picks you right up at your car, and drops you off at the Church front doors.

Our shuttles will run in between each location every 7 minutes picking up directly at the school (look for the yellow pylon) and will bring you to the front door of the Church. You will be dropped off at our main entrance in minutes! 

When you use the shuttle you will receive a "Cafe Coupon" to visit the cafe next Sunday for a free item (ask the driver for a cafe coupon).  

Shuttles will also pick up right after Mass and return you safely to your car. Shuttles run throughout the Mass, so in the event that you need to leave at any time, they can take you to your vehicle. There is at least one shuttle always looping - so no one is left behind.

  • No More Hunting for a Parking Spot

  • No more Walking a Distance from off site Parking

  • No more Waiting for the Car in front of you to move 

Plus your using the shuttle service will open up several spots for those with accessibility issues and will allow for visitors!

It will also give you extra time together as a family, to chat with friends, meet new people 

and even listen to some nice Christmas tunes on the way to church 

It runs from 3:30pm - 8:30 p.m., picks you right up at your car, and drops you off at the Church front doors.

Please consider the shuttle and JUMP ON BOARD.  

We encourage visitors and those with special needs (elderly, handicapped, physical difficulties, etc.) to utilize our on-site parking. And remember, if after riding the shuttle you continue to see empty spaces in our parking lot, be encouraged, and keep riding the shuttle. It simply means that our efforts together are working and our parking lot is welcoming new members to our Family of Faith!

Thanks for riding the shuttle!